8 Unique Solar System Projects for 2019’s Summer of Space

We're Celebrating Summer of Space 2019 with these unique solar system projects for kids - 8 projects for 8 planets! Sorry, Pluto ;)

This year we’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing by taking part in the Universe of Stories summer reading program.

The Universe of Stories, or Summer of Space reading program is happening this summer at libraries all over the country – so you should totally join us! I’ve created a visual book list with hundreds of fun titles for kids – you can download it for free here.

For this post though, I’ll be focusing on hands-on solar system projects to inspire and extend our far-out learning adventure. Eight projects for eight planets! Sorry, Pluto.

There are so many talented & creative mommas out there sharing the amazing projects they create with their kids!

I hope you’ll create your own solar system projects and share them at our FB page or on Instagram – make sure to tag me & use the hashtag #SpaceHHM so we can cheer each other on!

The Projects!

1. Recreate this Fantastic Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is very high on my to-make list. Emily from Making with Mommy posts ah-may-zing, beautiful projects that she creates with her kiddos. I love the use of color! This’ll look great hanging in my kiddo’s room…maybe we’ll add a bit of glow-in-the-dark paint? You can find Emily’s project guide on KidMadeModern here.

2. Bake Some Planetary Cookies

Um, solar system sweets? Yes, please. These’ll be super simple to make with your favorite sugar cookie recipe (This pic comes from BBC Good Food‘s recipe). All you’ll need are some different sized round cookie cutters & food coloring – I love using Wilton’s gel colors because of the variety & vibrancy. When my kids are decorating I scoop the icing into plastic condiment bottles, like the ones you’d see in a diner — it’s so much easier for them to hold & control! I got a bunch of clear ones at the dollar store 🙂

3. Make a Stardust (Snow) Globe

My oldest made this solar system snow globe (stardust globe?) a few years ago. We got the idea from Red Ted Art, and built our own using Sculpey clay, an old pickle jar, glitter, & glycerin. While glycerin seems like the sort of weird craft supply you’ll never use – think again! It’s great for making smoother play dough, longer lasting bubble solution – definitely a homeschool have-on-hand item. I’d like to do this again with one of my younger kiddos this summer!

solar system projects

4. Catch the Light

I love making sun catchers, especially in the summer when there’s that extra bit of afternoon sun to make them sparkle. That afternoon sunlight is really great at showing me just how dusty my house is, so these solar system sun catchers will be a welcome distraction 😉

5. Quick Craft for Little Creators

This paper mobile from the free printable library over at Kids Activities Blog is on my list of activities to have on hand to keep my toddler and preschooler occupied & included. My preschooler can cut and assemble a mobile with some ribbon. I’ll cut the pieces out for my toddler and let him glue them to a piece of construction paper.

6. Build a Rotating Tabletop Model

My oldest son made this rotating model from a $10 kit by 4M Kidz Labs, and it has lasted a loooooong time. Definitely going to see if my 4 & 7 want to build their own this summer! ( You can grab the kit for $10 on Amazon, or check to see if your local craft store carries it — you could combine your teacher discount with a coupon to get it for even less! Find out how with my quick guide to homeschool discounts.)

7. Show Off Your Solar System Style!

My daughter will love this one. Plus, we’ll have enough of Sculpey clay leftover from our Stardust Globe so 2 projects for the price of 1 – oh yeah 🙂

8. Get Creative with this Mixed Media Solar System Collage

This project from MolinGallery came out looking so cool! You’ll use watercolors, air dry clay, & accents like glitter – this project’ll happen in stages over a few different days – can’t wait to see your finished product!

So There You Have It – 8 Solar System Projects to Knock Out of this Planet this Summer!

I really do hope you’ll join us on Facebook and Instagram to share your Summer of Space projects, fav books, and intergalactic awesomeness! Don’t forget to tag me & use the hashtag #SpaceHHM!

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We're Celebrating Summer of Space 2019 with these unique solar system projects for kids - 8 projects for 8 planets! Sorry, Pluto ;)

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