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Thanks for checking out my blog!  I’m Megan, thirtyish mom, homeschooler, wife and Netflix addict.  I live in Massachusetts with my husband and our three children.

Before I decided to stay home with my kids I was a paralegal–professional, organized, methodical.  I didn’t mind kids but I wouldn’t have said I was really that great with them.  So how did I end up a homeschooling, costume-making, Candyland boss? It’s a long story, but here’s the basics:

Becoming Parents

My first son was born with congenital heart and intestinal defects and Down syndrome. At the time we had our health coverage through my job, so there was no way I could leave work while he needed so many surgeries and hospital stays. We were really fortunate to have a lot of family support and to live so close to some world class children’s hospitals.  Now he’s 13 with attitude to match, and he’s been in great health after those first few rocky years.

When he was 7 we had our second child.   All along I’d been working full time as a paralegal while doing college at night.  But with baby number 2 I had the option to take some time off, so we decided I’d stay home for a year to really soak in that new baby smell.  Then I’d get back to the job I loved and maybe finally take the leap into law school.

Homeschooling? Yeah, sure.

By this time our oldest was in second grade, and it was a stressful battle every year to try to get him the academic and developmental support he needed in his public school.  The special education system, at least in my district, is a hot, steamy mess. I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours year after year in IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings, writing letters, requesting evaluations, meeting with my educational advocate.  Even when we got what we needed written into his IEP, it often wasn’t implemented, meaning more meetings and research and letters and complaints.

The year I left my outside job was no different. So after I was at home with the new baby, I started joking that I should just pull my oldest out of school and put all that time and energy spent planning and advocating and arguing into just teaching him myself….hmmmmmm.

It really did start as a joke.  I didn’t really think I could homeschool. I barely knew anything about kids, I was still learning as a parent, and I knew nothing at all about teaching.

What Made Me Decide to Take the Plunge?

The kick came when my husband took a short term job opportunity in Georgia.  We would go to live there for two years while he worked on this one project, and then come back to Massachusetts.  So we decided we’d try homeschooling while we were away.  We’d have to pull our son out of his Massachusetts school no matter what, so why not give homeschooling a shot and when–I mean if–it was a total disaster then we’d re-enroll him in school when we got home.

Well, it’s working. I don’t think anyone’s more surprised than me, and not at my son’s ability or progress, I always knew he was a bright, talented kid who would thrive in the right setting. No, the surprise is that not only am I good at this homeschooling gig (if I say so myself), I actually really enjoy it.

So we came back to Massachusetts, bringing baby number 3 (our Georgia peach) home with us, and now we’re 3 years into this homeschooling journey and planning on continuing with our other 2 kiddos.

What’s Next?

This upcoming school year will be very different: 2016-17 would have been my middle child’s kindergarten year, so I’m about to find out what it’s like to homeschool 2 students at very different ages/levels, all while trying to keep a toddler entertained.  I wonder if I’ll still love it after this year??? I think so. I hope so!

Why Read My Tales?

I want to chronicle my adventures and misadventures in parenting, homeschooling and life. I want to create a space where other parents can find ideas, inspiration and support. I want to show people what we do, preserve memories, share and learn from my mistakes, and flesh out ideas and inspiration.  I hope you’ll join me!


Want to get in touch? I’d love to hear your comments, questions, ideas, critiques (just be kind!) E-mail [email protected] or use the form.

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Hate spam? Me too. That's why I'll never share your email & you can one-click unsubscribe from my updates any time.