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Hi, I’m Megan, and you’re reading my personal blog, Happy Healthy Messy. Thanks for being here!

Here are a few important things you should know about the site:

Copyright and Trademark

All Content Copyright © 2016 Megan Lacombe and Happy Healthy Messy. All Rights Reserved.

Republishing of my content without my permission would be a real crappy thing to do. So please don’t. That means no copying & pasting from my site into your own work, or any other kind of recycling or repurposing of my content. You are more than welcome to mention & link directly my site. If you want to use one of my images or any other content in your own work, please get my permission first by shooting an e-mail to: [email protected]


The purpose of my blog is to share ideas, tips, and stories from my adventures in parenting, homeschooling & life. All opinions expressed are my own.

Because a girl’s gotta maintain her Peanut Butter M&M habit, I do need to generate some income. Plus it helps to keep the site going 😉

Advertising – You may find various advertisements displayed on my site. These ads are generated by a third party ad networks.

Sponsorship or Paid Posts – I may occasionally be compensated for writing a particular blog post. All sponsored or paid posts are clearly marked right up at the top of the post. I am paid for my time & expense writing the post. What I am not paid for is my opinions – those aren’t for sale. I’ll never take money from anyone to feed you stuff I wouldn’t recommend to my best friend 🙂

Affiliate Links – The product links on this blog (from and occasionally other sites) are affiliate links. This includes banners and advertisements as well as text links. If you purchase the product after clicking on my link, I will receive a small percentage of the sale price. Again – I would never recommend a product that I don’t really love or find useful – the small percentage I’d get back wouldn’t be worth losing your trust.

Product Reviews – I may occasionally receive free goods to review. If I end up recommending the goods to you, I’ll let you know it was given to me for free in exchange for posting about it. I will only write my real opinion about it. If I wouldn’t use it myself, I won’t recommend it to you.

Privacy Policy

I do not share personal information I receive with anyone.

Theoretically, I guess I will if I have to, like if the man comes knocking with a court order for some reason. So if you think there’s likely to be a national security issue related to how to make a Captain America costume, you probably shouldn’t comment on that post 😉

The only info I’m collecting is the info you volunteer, like your name and e-mail address when you subscribe to the blog or comment on a post. Then I use the information you provide to your request, i.e. send you an e-mail with new blog posts.

Cookies & Tracking

Some features of my site may use cookie and tracking technology. I’m not going to pretend I know much about how this works, but basically, cookies and tracking are useful for gathering non-personal information like the number of visitors to my pages, what links they clicked on, or what posts people are reading. Cookies can also help customize your experience, like blocking my subscribe pop-up if you already get my e-mails. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties (i.e. I might share the total number of page views I get in a given month.)

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about anything you read, feel free to shoot me a message here: [email protected]

Thanks again for being here! And if you’ve actually read all the way to this point, wow! I don’t think I ever fully read one of these before now. Please accept my congratulations on the occassion of your having read the most boring post on my site. You must really love me – I’m blushing. 😉


This page was last updated in August 2016.

Hate spam? Me too. That's why I'll never share your email & you can one-click unsubscribe from my updates any time.

Hate spam? Me too. That's why I'll never share your email & you can one-click unsubscribe from my updates any time.