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DIY Costumes for Halloween, Dress-Up, or Just Because it’s Tuesday

For the last few years, I’ve been making costumes for my kids. Not out of any particular desire to be crafty, but mostly because store bought costumes are expensive and usually pretty crappy. My kids like to be in costume year round, so I really wanted our costume stash to be more durable without paying ludicrous amounts of cash.

Copy of DIY Costume-min

We’re only about 9 weeks out from Halloween now, and we still haven’t pinned down what we want to be for sure. It sounds like I have a lot of time but really – no. We’ve got to settle on our characters so I can start finding some pictures and inspiration to guide me (because I’m not discovering fire here). Then I need time to find the materials I’m going to need on the cheap, and I need to put those materials together. So it’s time to get cracking.


We looked back at some old costume pics today to see if a trip down memory lane might help nudge us toward a decision. I really don’t look back over my pictures enough – I snap away with my phone all the time but I rarely sift back through. Combine that with my terrible memory, and an hour on Flickr gets really fun – like playing This is Your Life. I almost want to make some popcorn 😉

DIY Costume-min

So far this year we seem to be leaning toward the more traditional monster-y costumes. My sons have thrown out vampire, bat, toilet paper guy (mummy), ghost, werewolf, zombie.  My older son at one point said he wants to be a zombie that’s pretending to be a human. Not sure – does that mean I don’t have to make him a costume, or I have to make him two?

DIY Costume

Other ideas that are floating around – being Ghostbusters (and making the little sister into Slimer,) dressing up as the gang from Lego Ninjago, or an assortment of Star Wars characters that changes every time it comes up.

I think I’ll try to pin everyone down by this weekend so I can start planning. Have you figured out your Halloween plans yet? Or am I being freakishly early about it?


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  1. We did a family group costumes of the Incredibles last year!

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Hate spam? Me too. That's why I'll never share your email & you can one-click unsubscribe from my updates any time.