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Screen Time! Best Apps for Kids – Endless Alphabet by Originator

I have not been contacted or compensated by anyone for this post – we just genuinely love this app and want to share!

Our iPads are a must for our homeschool.  We’ve got a full size and a mini that we use in a variety of ways – looking up info, pictures or videos on a topic we’re learning about, making our own videos & pictures of projects and more.  But probably my favorite thing about having iPads handy during the school day is all the amazing apps for learning that I can fall back on when I need to keep my preschooler or toddler busy in a snap.

Originator is one of my favorite developers when it comes to kids’ apps.  We’ve got most of the titles in their Endless Academy Series and they are wonderful.  While we use plenty of free apps, the Endless apps are part of the select few that I gladly shell out money for whenever a new title comes along – they’re that good.

This was the first Originator Endless app we downloaded.  We tried it because it was the Apple AppStore’s featured app of the week – Apple features one great app per week and makes it available for free for the week, so it’s a great way to try out new apps & developers.

Endless Alphabet

A group of colorful and silly monsters introduce kids to capital letters and letter sounds with easy, interactive, drag & drop spelling puzzles that bring words to life. Check out this preview:



What Does It Do?

Endless Alphabet has 100 (!) puzzles that my kids still play over and over again.  Tap to choose a word from the library and a fun animation will bring that word on-screen with eye-catchingly bright capital letters against a light background. But then – oh no! – a rowdy herd of monsters runs across the screen scattering the letters all over! Can you piece the word back together again?


best apps for kids


Once the word is back together again, a delightful animation follows, demonstrating & reinforcing the pronunciation & definition of the word.


educational apps for kids


Will Kids Stay Interested in It?

This app has tremendous replay value. My oldest finally outgrew it after getting almost 2 years of play in, my 5-year-old is using it several times a week now, and my 2-year-old is just starting to join the fun, watching over her brother’s shoulder and repeating the words and letter sounds – thumbs way up!

Is it Worth the Price?

At $8.99 it is a steep price for a kids’ app, but since we’ve been using it for four years, with three different kids who all L – O – V – E it, and we’re likely to get 2-3 more years of play? I’d gladly pay it in a heartbeat.  Plus you’ll get automatic free updates whenever new words are added! hen we first downloaded there were maybe

Plus, you’ll get automatic free updates whenever new words are added! When we first downloaded there were maybe 20-30 words in the library, but several updates later we now have 100 words – without any additional fee. Woohoo!


If you want to try Endless Alphabet, you can find it on the AppStore here: Endless Alphabet (not an affiliate link – just a plain old “you should check this out!” link 😉 )

Do You Have Endless Alphabet? What Are Your Favorite Apps for Kids? Share in the Comments! 


  1. Great suggestions. I have a toddler that I need to entertain while I homeschool my oldest. These looks like they will do the job!

  2. I’m going to try this out. We just tried ABC mouse and haven’t been super impressed. I do like go go lingo and super why. Recently my 3 year old has figured out how to get on Amazon prime videos and tries to watch Bob the builder instead of playing an app!

    • Megan Megan

      There’s a feature on iPad called guided access that you can enable so that kids can’t exit the app you put on for them – my kids were always bouncing out to watch movies before I found it ???? It’s under settings > accessibility > guided access

  3. My son is 1 right now and can hardly grasp much other than sounds animals make. But I am very interested in looking this up. But like Lindsay says, my son tries to tap every button, or corner of the screen there is. I use the guided access a lot, pretty much for YouTubing nursery rhymes for him though.

  4. Is that per month or one time? Because I see tons of apps that are that a month and I think that’s too steep. But a one time forever app for less than $10 that is that entertaining and engaging is worth it.

    • Megan Megan

      It’s a one time fee, and they auto-update with new words at no additional cost. All 3 of my kids have loved it so it’s still getting play 4 years later – I’ve definitely gotten mileage!

  5. Thank you for the recommendation. We are always on the look out for quality apps to try out. ????

  6. Sounds like a great app! My son loves Bible app for kids, actually.

  7. Sondra Barker Sondra Barker

    Originator seems to know what they’re doing, don’t they?! In all seriousness, the app seems like such a great tool for children and I even wish I had it when I was their age!

  8. This sounds like a really great app! I’m pinning this for when my son starts screens.

  9. $8.99 is quite steep for an app, but like you said, all of your kids got use out of it. I’ll have to look into because my daughter is just learning her alphabet now and this could be helpful!

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Hate spam? Me too. That's why I'll never share your email & you can one-click unsubscribe from my updates any time.